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четверг, сентябрь 1, 2011

Melbourne named world's most liveable city

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Melbourne claimed the title of the world's most liveable city in the Economist Intelligence Unit's latest survey, with Sydney, Perth and Adelaide also making it into the top 10.

It is the first time in almost a decade of the global liveability survey that Vancouver has not ranked as the best place to live.

Melbourne had shared first position with Vancouver in 2002 but finally nabbed the top spot in its own right in the August survey, released on Tuesday.

Economist Intelligence Unit survey editor Jon Copestake said Melbourne managed to move up one spot to claim the top ranking, thanks to a slight fall in Vancouver's infrastructure score, which is one of the measures of liveability.

Sydney made it to sixth position in the London-based research company's latest ranking of 140 cities, from seventh in the February survey, while Perth and Adelaide again shared eighth place.

"Australia, with a low population density and relatively low crime rates, continues to supply some of the world's most liveable cities," Mr Copeland said in a statement.

"Despite the rising cost of living driven by the strong Australian dollar, these cities offer a range of factors to make them highly attractive."

Melbourne scored 97.5 per cent, just beating Vienna on 97.4 per cent and Vancouver on 97.3.

A ranking of 100 per cent is considered ideal.

Brisbane was number 21 on the survey, two spots ahead of Wellington but behind Auckland which was number 10.

The survey ranks 140 locations as having the best or the worst living conditions, with cities scored on political and social stability, crime rates, access to quality health care, cultural events, the environment, education and the standard of infrastructure.


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