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Визит в Азербайджан
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Azerbaijanian Cuisine




Ingredients (for 1 portion):

Mutton 800 gr.
Melted butter 200 gr.
Rice 600 gr.
Onion 200 gr.
Prunes 160 gr.

Cinnamon 0.8 gr.
Saffron 0.4 gr.
Pinks 0.2 gr.
Pepper 0.4 gr.

Cut the mutton into portion pieces and fry it in butter. Add some broth, fried onions, prunes, and spices and steam it in the same pan. Wet the rice for 3 through 12 hours (take 6 l of water and 50 gr. of salt for 1 kilo of rice). Boil up water and add the rice. Let it boil for up to 10 min. until half-ready. Then pass it through a strainer. Put the butter into the cauldron and melt it. Cover the bottom of the cauldron with the flat cake of eggs, butter and leaven dough. Put the rice on this cake and let it get ready on the weak flame in hermetically closed cauldron for 1 or 1,5 hours letting the steam out from time to time. While cooking the rice you can periodically add saffron (wet 1 gr. of saffron in 100 ml of water for 10-12 hours) and melted butter.

After the rice is ready put it on the big dish and cover it with the meat prepared as described above.


Ingredients (for 1 portion):

Yoghurt 200 gr.
Melted butter 10 gr.
Flour 10 gr.
Onion 18 gr.

Spinach 50 gr.
Cress and fennel 30 gr.
Peas 25 gr.
Rice 15 gr.

Wet the peas for 3 or 4 hours then boil them until half ready. Chop the onions. Beat up the yoghurt with addition of flour, and then boil it on moderate flame with slow stirring. Add the peas, rice and onion, and allow it boil up. While it is boiling up add cress, fennel and spinach and boil it for 3 or 5 min. without stirring. Take the pan from the flame and allow it stand for 1 or 2 min. without covering it.



Ingredients (for 1 portion):

Minced mutton 400 gr.
Young grapevine leaves 160 gr.
Melted butter 40 gr.
Rice 120 gr.

Onions 80 gr.
Cress, fennel and mint 60 gr.
Yoghurt 80 gr.
Salt, pepper, cinnamon

Mix the minced mutton and onions, add the rice, the chopped greens, salt and pepper. Stew the grapevine leaves in hot water. Put some 25 gr. of meat onto each leaf and wrap it. The wrapped dolmas should have a form of a ball or finger. Put them into a pot closely packed and add water until it covers the dolmas but not more. Allow them boil for some 1 hour. You can add yoghurt while eating.


Ingredients (for 1 portion):

Mutton 1300 gr.
Onions 250 gr.
Spring onions 150 gr.

Parsley 40 gr.
Sumakh* 10 gr.
Pomegranate extract 20 gr.

Cut mutton into 40 or 50 gr. portion pieces, marinade it with vinegar, chopped onions, pepper, salt and pomegranate grains and allow it stand in a closed pan for 3-4 hours in a cool place. Spit the prepared meat on the skewers and cook it for 5-7 min. on the brazier. You can add pepper, salt and sumakh while eating.

*Sumakh – sour spice

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