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Baku Chronology

VIII millennium BC First settlements are founded on the Absheron Peninsula.
VI c. BC "Ateshi-Baguan", the temple of fire worshippers on the Absheron Peninsula, is constructed.
VI c. BC "Giz Galasi" [the Maiden Tower] is constructed.
Early V c. BC Huns invade Azerbaijan.
Mid VII c. and late VIII c. BC Khazars rule in Azerbaijan
Early VIII c. BC Islam becomes the dominant religion in Azerbaijan.
60s of the IX c. Shirvan regains its independence.
1027-1037 The rule of Manuchohr Shirvanshah.
1078 The mosque of Mohammed ["Sinig-gala"], the most ancient architectural memorial, is constructed.
70-80s XI c. Annexation of Azerbaijan by Saljugs
1220-1222 The first march of Mongols to Azerbaijan.
1231-1239 The second march of Mongols to Azerbaijan
1258 The third march of Mongols headed by Hulaku Khan, occupation of Shirvan and Baku
1382-1417 The rule of Ibrahim Shirvanshah I
1417-1465 The rule of Khalilullah Shirvanshah I
XIV-XV c Construction of the Shirvanshahs' Palace in Baku.
1465-1500 The rule of Farrukh Yasar Shirvanshah.
1501 The rule of Bahram-bey Shirvanshah.
1501-1502 The rule of Sultan Mohammed Gazi Shirvanshah.
1502-1524 The rule of Sheikh Ibrahim Shirvanshah II.
1524-1535 The rule of Khalilullah Shirvanshah II.
1538 Annexation of Shirvan by Safavids.
1683 The visit of the Swedish Ambassador to Baku. E. Kempfer's paintings of Baku.
1722-1723 The Caspian march of Peter I. Occupation of the western and south-eastern coast of the Caspian Sea
1723, July 10 The Russian squadron occupies Baku.
40s XVIII c. Independent and semi-independent khanates in Azerbaijan are founded.
1804-1813 The Russian-Persian War.
1806, October 3 Abolition of the Baku khanate.
1826-1828 The Russian-Persian War.
1828-1829 The Russian-Turkish War.
1840, July 10 "Principles of ruling of the Transcaucasian region" is approved by the Russian Duma and the Baku uyezd is included as an administrative region of Russia.
1848 The world’s first oil well is drilled in Baku [in Bibi-Heybat].
1859, December 2 Shemakhi province is renamed into Baku province. Baku becomes a provincial city.
1859 The first oil refinery is constructed in Baku [in Surakhani].
1859 The first city garden is laid.
1861 The first photos of Baku taken by A.Ulsky, captain-lieutenant of the Russian Fleet.
1863 The world’s first kerosene plant is constructed.
1868, February 6 Telegraph communications begins between Baku and Tbilisi.
1872 The fanning system for "Oil Lands" in Russia is abolished.
1873 The national theater of Azerbaijan is founded.
1874 The Modern school is opened in Baku.
1874 The oil school is established in Baku.
1878 The city's public administration in Baku is founded.
1879 The Nobel brothers establish their oil-production company.
1883, May Completion of the construction of the Baku - Tbilisi Transcaucasian Railway.
1885 Foundation of the Rotshild oil-industry and commercial company in the Caspian-Black Sea region.
1892 The first public transport - horse-driven tramway in Baku.
1894, August N. Narimanov establishes the first library and reading room in Azerbaijan.
1894 The first water distiller in Baku is put into operation.
1896 H.-Z. Tagiyev establishes the first women's college in the East.
1896 The commercial college is founded in Baku.
1897-1901 The textile factory of H.Z. Tagiyev is constructed in Baku.
1897-1907 The Baku-Batumi oil pipeline is put into service.
1898 The "Russian Oil"company begins its activity in Baku.
1898 A civil engineer Von der Nonne develops the first professional plan for the growth of Baku.
to be continued...

Baku. Pages of History By Sevda Dadashova, Elbay Gasim-zade and Fazil Mamedov

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