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Baku Art Galleries


Quite often Baku is called the City of Masters. One can find the great works of contemporary Bakinian artists, graphic designers and sculptors in numerous art galleries and exhibit halls. Addresses and phone numbers of the most visited galleries are attached.

Absheron Art Gallery

11 Asafa Zeynally st., Baku city

phone (99412) 492-21-42

Air Art

144 Nizami st., Baku city

phone (99412) 493-50-61

Alt Gallery

32 Malaya Krepostnaya st., Baku city

phone (99450) 437-94-59

Art Group

7 Murtuza Mukhtarov st., Baku city

phone (99412) 492-20-13

Art Salon

55/70 Nariman Narimanov st., Baku city

phone (99412) 510-55-73

Art Studio Baku

 82 Azadlyg blvd., Baku city

phone (99412) 441-64-36

Baki Art Gallery

 84 1st Bashennyi per., Baku city

phone (99412) 492-67-44

Qiz Qalasi Art Gallery

6 Gulle st., Baku city

phone (99412) 492-74-81

Vitru Art Gallery

7 Azerbaijan blvd., Baku city

phone (99412) 492-29-68

Yeni Gallery - Baku Art Center

4/6 Aziza Aliyev st., Baku city

phone (99412) 598-45-48

Art Exhibit Salon named
after Vadjii Samedovoy

19 Hagani st., Baku city

phone (99412) 493-62-30

The State Art Museum

11 Niyazi st., Baku city

phone (99412) 493-86-33

Art Exhibit Salon

19 Bolshaia Krepostnaia, Baku city

phone (99412) 492-05-78

The Center For The Modern Art 1

15 Gyulla st., Baku city

phone (99412) 492-59-06

The Center For The Modern Art 2

11/19 Azerbaijan blvd., Baku city

phone (99412) 494-40-03

The Main Art Exhibit Salon
named after Sattar Bakhlulzadeh

27 Uzeir Gadjibekov st, Baku city

phone (99412) 493-28-41

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