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окт. 18, 2018 06:23
не совсем новое))

A Conservation Story: A Commode Made for Marie-Antoinette by Jean-Henri Riesener
окт. 2, 2018 06:31

ВЕЧНАЯ ЛЮБОВЬ - Мирей Матье и Шарль Азнавур.flv
окт. 2, 2018 06:29
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Вечерний Ургант - Шарль Азнавур. 356 выпуск, 02.10.2014 (Charles Aznavour)
окт. 2, 2018 06:28

Шарль Азнавур с внучками
окт. 2, 2018 06:24

Шарль Азнавур с дочкой поют Саят Нова
окт. 1, 2018 19:34
бог его любил. жизнь не меньше

Sharl Aznavur la boheme

авг. 18, 2018 06:40
Artist Jamie Sneider Launches Fundraiser to Start Residency Program in Italy

Jamie Sneider
Red 1, 2
Food dye, lemons urine and bleach on raw canvas
152.4 x 101.6 cm (60 x 48 inches) each
авг. 17, 2018 18:21
Aretha Franklin

Carole King And Reverend Al Sharpton Remember Aretha Franklin | All In | MSNBC
янв. 12, 2018 10:53
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Helen Maudsley on how to read art: ‘Learn to do what the picture tells you’

Maudsley’s work comes across like a puzzle – a series of symbols with cultural resonance, laid out with specific intention. The titles are keys – hints to the viewer to guide them in their understanding of the piece.

Maudsley leads me over to a painting titled “4 Roses in a Vase. 4 Heads and One Face. 4 People and the Golden Pillar.”

“You see, it’s one rose in a glass – a bunch of roses in the glass, but each rose is slightly different,” she says. “The formation is a round head and the face is the glass. It’s a glass with the roses; it’s a head; but it’s also four heads because all the roses are different.”

4 Roses in a Vase. 4 Heads and One Face. 4 People and the Golden Pillar. Photograph: Mark Ashkanasy/Supplied: NGV
“So, the scrolls are roses?” I say, somewhat stupidly.

“Of course,” says Maudsley. “If you stare at a rose, that’s what it is.”

“I had not thought of it like that.”
янв. 7, 2018 21:39
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сегодня вечером прямая трансляция с "золотого глобуса" утром получаю от апл. ньюс:
the golden globes and the controversial group that decides the awards, explaed on the awards, and why does it matter?

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