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март 14, 2001 11:58


A guy went to China on a holiday. After readirng how hot and saucy Chinese females can get, it was extremely curious to find out himself. So after spending two weeks screwing around, he went back and to his horror found blisters and weird stuff on his intimate and most precious place in the world. Totally scared and paranoid, he went to the local GP (doctor) for an advice. The doctor stared at it for a while, opened encyclopedia and told his patient that it was an uncurable Chinese Veneral Disease - China White Bug. The most terrible thing that the guy heard was that his little friend will have to be amputated. However, doc gave him some ointment to see how the things go in about 2 weeks, hoping for the miracle. Two weeks later the guy turned up at his door again,with no improvement whatsoever. It was damn swollen, so basically things got worse. Guy broke out into tears when he saw doc's facial expression and the doc pull of pity for the guy suggested him to see some Chinese doc back in China. Guy, so desperate to save his lil "angel" (XOXO)went to Chinese doc,taking his lifesavings with him. After he told him the problem, the Chinese fella said : " Ah, those stupid European doctors, they can't even treat a dog!! Ofcourse there is no need in amputating your penis!"
The guy so happy to hear that,asked what he has do to instead. So the Chinese doc replied :" You don't need to treat these disease, as the penis falls off itself in 3 weeks time!"