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четверг, май 14, 2009

Republic Day of Azerbaijan

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Dear Friends:

The Azerbaijani people around the world celebrate the National Day of Azerbaijan, the 28th of May, every year since its establishment in 1918, especially after the restoration of its independence in 1991. Our community members and friends have collectively organized three different events during May 28-30 on the occasion. A flag raising ceremony at the Toronto City Hall on May 28th, an scholarly seminar hosted by at the Political Sciences & International Studies department at the University of Toronto on the 29th, and a final day of guest speakers and dinner on the 30th.

For more information please contact us at info@canadaazerbaijan.com

Kind regards,


Background summary:

On May 28th, 1918, Azerbaijan was proclaimed an independent state - which became the very first democratic republic in the Muslim and Turkic world. During the short period of its existence (May 1918 - April 1920) the first democratically elected Azerbaijani government worked on establishing an independent, democratic and secular state with many achievements such as full and equal suffrage for men and woman. The international community, including the pre-UN League of the Nations as well as Canada, recognized the sovereignty of the new country.

Unfortunately, having existed for 23 months, the Azerbaijan Democratic Republic collapsed, when on April 28, 1920 the first military contingent of the 11th Red Army entered the capital city Baku. The Soviet power was established in Azerbaijan for over 70 years. Nevertheless, the idea of independence did not diminish in the minds and hearts of the Azerbaijani people, leading to it re-independence on October 18, 1991. Today Azerbaijan is one of the fastest growing economies in the world.
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