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"The Moscow Vector" by Robert Ludlum's and Patrick Larkin

aвтор: ElToro5 ®

Две недели назад подарили книгу:

Автор таких книг как:"The Altman Code","The Tristan Betrayal"

Читается легко,увлекает,за день можно осилить.

Поразительно, как всё совпадает:

Авторитатный Российский  ....

Determined to rebuild their shattered empire, Russia's increasingly authoritarian leaders led by Viktor Dudarev are preparing a lightning military strike designed to overrun several republics formerly part of the USSR before the West can intervene. To succeed, they must first sow confusion and fear in the ranks of their enemies, so they turn to Konstantin Malkovic who is one of the world's wealthiest and most powerful men. By taking on the services of a cold and calculating bioscientist from the remnants of the old East German days, he finances the development of an undetectable, unstoppable and incurable bioweapon, the perfect assassin's tool. Created using a microsopic strand of each victim's own DNA, it is the ultimate silent killer. This bioweapon is used against leaders, analysts and other persons dangerous to the plans to great effect such that the Covert-One operatives need to act quickly. Jon Smith, approached by a Russian doctor about this disease, uncovers the plans of the Russian leaders whilst at the same time CIA operatives are closing in from another lead they have discovered. Moles and informers in various agencies leave make the whole plot far more interesting than would otherwise be the case, but there is a final sting in the tail...

The book was co-written with Patrick Larkin.


Книга впервые издана в Великобритании в 2005,задолго до факта вторжения России в Грузию,и тем более в Украину.

Просто мысли.

Выводы делаем сами.

PS:Не удивлюсь,если скоро появится фил'м наподобии "Bourne Identity" by  Robert Ludlum's.

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