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Замки и башни Азербайджана

The Absheron peninsula, being a part of Shirvan, was the site for a peculiar type of defensive structures to have originated and developed due to special social, historical and natural conditions. Vast Gobustan semideserts separating the peninsula from the inland country, relatively distant caravan routes, valuable oil and salt resources, and abundant madder and saffron fields the latter being the main export from of old, were the aspects that determined the ...... полностью


It is only 70 km. from Baku to this interesting place which can be described as a museum in We open air, where rocks covered with drawings stand amidst a chaos of stones and mountains. There are more than 4,000 rock drawings left by artists of the Neolithic period. They depict the customs of ancient tribes, hunting scenes and dances, the way they filled the ground, their everyday life. The range of themes is wide and the vividness with which they are executed ...... полностью

The Ateshgyakh Fire-Worshippers' Temple

The Ateshgyakh Fire-Worshippers' Temple (18th century) is located within Greater Baku in the village of Surakhany (15 km from Baku). The historical roots of the monument go back to the hoary past, to the days when Azerbaijan statehood was only taking shape and establishing itself and Zoroastrianism, the central part in whose ritual is played by fire, was the dominant religion in the country. The flaming torches of gas escaping from under the ground and bur...... полностью

Дворец Ширваншахов

The most strirking example of the Medieval palace structures in Azerbaijan is the Shirvanshah Palace complex dating to the middle XV. A state museum now it is open to the thousands of tourists. This grand complex contains two-story palace, a burial-vault, a Mosque with a minaret, divankhana - the main audience room, Seid Yakhya Bakuvi’s mausoleum, a bath and Murad’s gate that dates to XVI cent. ...... полностью

Девичья башня (Гыз Галасы)

Build: 800-700 B.C. Outer height: 32-35 meters (105-115 ft) Inner height: 28 meters (92 ft) Wall thickness: 5 - 4 meters (15-13 ft) Number tiers: 8 As you slowly climb the spiral staircase leading up to the 8th tier of the tower, you can see interesting exhibits of wooden utensils and ancient arms, ...... полностью
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Визит в Азербайджан
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